beneath the paving stones, the beach

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cue beach goth band ‘the growlers’ title track chinese fountain



who has time to go the beach during the week?


the underemployed, the precariat, the invisible.


“Not struggling against the dominant schizoid state, against our schizoid state, but setting out from there, employing it as a pure faculty of subjectivation and desubjectivation, as a capacity for experimentation. ”



“It’s as if the surface were lacking where all that could be inscribed. As if the ground on which we might do battle were constantly giving way beneath out feet. Most of the grievances we have concerning the current conditions of existence THEY manage to dismiss with a wave of the hand: it’s a “psychological,” it’s a “subjective,” an “existential” problem. It’s metaphysics.”

– Theory of Bloom by Tiqqun



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